Norwegian-American genealogy lookups

I’m more than happy to do lookups if you are stumped and think one of these resources might help. (Also check out the list of online books.) Just contact me with your request, including as much information as you have on the person and which sources you’d like me to check. Please allow a few days for me to get back to you.

United States > General

History of the Norwegian People in America. Norlie, Olaf Morgan. 1925. (Norwegians in America)

Norwegian Settlement in the United States. Qualey, Carlton. 1938. (Norwegians in America)

The Land Lies Open. Blegen, Theodore Christian. 1949. (Norwegians in America)

From Fjord to Prairie: Norwegian American Immigration Anniversary Commission 1825-1975. Nelson, Lawrence M., Editor. 1976. (Norwegians in America)

Norway to America: A History of the Migration. Semmingsen, Ingrid. 1978. (Norwegians in America)

Blow, Silver Wind: A Story of Norwegian Immigration to America. Bye, Erik. 1978. (Immigration/Emigration)

The Promise of America: A History of the Norwegian-American People. Lovoll, Odd S. 1984. (Norwegians in America)

In Their Own Words: Letters from Norwegian Immigrants. Zempel, Solveig. 1991. (Norwegians in America)

Highland Lutheran Church, Spring Grove, MN, 1996; Big Canoe Lutheran Church, Decorah, IA, 1996: Church directory. Big Canoe parish. 1996. (Records)

Interpreting the Promise of America: Essays in Honor of Odd Sverre Lovoll. Nichol, Todd W (Ed.). 2002. (Immigration/Emigration)

Ole Goes To War: Men from Norway Who Fought in America's Civil War. Rosholt, Jerry. 2003. (Norwegians in America)

History of the Norwegian Settlements. Holand, Hjalmar Rued. 2006. (Norwegians in America)

Norwegians on the Prairie: Ethnicity and the Development of the Country Town. Lovoll, Odd S. 2006. (Norwegians in America)

Vikings in the Attic: In Search of Nordic America. Dregni, Eric. 2011. (Norwegians in America)

United States > Iowa

Conversations With the Recent Past: Northeast Iowa Oral History Project. Torres, Luis. 1975. (Biography)

Oneota Flow: The Upper Iowa River and its People. Faldet, David S. 2009. (History)

United States > Iowa > Allamakee

Quondam Quandahl. Vick, Ruth Quandahl. 1987. (Personal History)

The History of Allamakee County, Iowa. Allamakee County Heritage Book Committee. 1989. (Biography)

Family Maps of Allamakee County, Iowa. Boyd, Gregory A. 2009. (Maps)

United States > Iowa > Winneshiek

Hauge Lutheran Church Ministrialbog Vols 1-2. Various. (Records)

Pastor William T. Hexom: His Life, Writings and Sermons. Stoen, Eunice C. (Biography)

Det Norske Luther College 1861-1897. Bothne, Gisle. 1897. (History)

Highland Lutheran Church 1895-1945. Highland Lutheran Church. 1946. (History)

The Diary of Elizabeth Koren 1853-1855. Koren, Elizabeth. 1955. (Personal History)

Highland Lutheran Church Directory 1971. Highland Lutheran Church. 1971. (Records)

Big Canoe Lutheran Church 125th Anniversary 1853-1978. Big Canoe Lutheran Church. 1978. (History)

Hauge Lutheran Church of Canoe Township, Winneshiek County, Iowa: A Publication of Some Early History, and Known records of Baptisms, Confirmations, Marriages and Burials in the Congregation. Haugen, Arnold O. 1980. (Records)

Big Canoe Lutheran Church Burial Records. Haugen, Arnold O. 1990. (Records)

Highland Lutheran Church 1895-1995. Highland Lutheran Church. 1995. (Records)

Winneshiek County, Iowa, Biographies - 1996. Decorah Genealogy Association. 1996. (Biography)

Family Maps of Winneshiek County, Iowa. Boyd, Gregory A. 2007. (Maps)

United States > Minnesota

AT Andreas' Illustrated Historical Atlas of Minnesota. Andreas, A T. 1874. (Maps)

Building Minnesota. Blegen, Theodore Christian. 1938. (History)

Minnesota: A History Of The State, Second Edition. Blegen, Theodore Christian. 1975. (History)

Norwegians in Minnesota. Gjerde, Jon. 2002. (Norwegians in America)

Celebrating Our Norwegian-Minnesotan Heritage: 1858-2008. Norwegian Statehood Pioneer Project. 2008. (Biography)

United States > Minnesota > Goodhue

We Give You Kenyon: A Bicentennial History of a Minnesota Community. Severson, Harold. 1976. (Biography)

United States > Minnesota > Houston

History of Houston County, Including Explorers and Pioneers of Minnesota (1980 reprint with index). Neill, Edward D. 1882. (History)

Pioneer Story of Spring Grove and the Surrounding Area (Partial English translation by Aagot Svanøe). Johnson, O. S.. 1920. (Biography)

History of the Spring Grove Church Organizations. Johnson, Alfred O. 1933. (History)

Spring Grove Telephone Directory - October 1955. Spring Grove Co-Op Telephone Co. 1955. (Records)

Spring Grove Trinity Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran Church - Financial Report 1956. Trinity Lutheran Church. 1956. (Records)

Spring Grove Telephone Directory - May 1960. Spring Grove Co-Op Telephone Co. 1960. (Records)

Trinity Lutheran Church Directory ca 1969. Trinity Lutheran Church. 1969. (Records)

Trinity Lutheran Church - 125th Anniversary - History of the Trinity Congregation, Spring Grove, Minnesota. Trinity Lutheran Church. 1980. (History)

Trinity Lutheran Directory 1980 - Trinity Lutheran Church, Spring Grove, MN. Trinity Lutheran Church. 1980. (Records)

Houston County History. Houston County Historical Society. 1982. (Biography)

Heritage and History - Root River Conference. Root River Conference. 1987. (History)

Soil, Timber & A Spring: The Story of Spring Grove, Minnesota. Briggs Palen, Jane. 1991. (History)

Yesteryears of Spring Grove. Liudahl, Sharon, Ed.. 1997. (Biography)

Spring Grove High School Graduates 1903-1997. Sprin Grove High School Homecoming. 1997. (Records)

Spring Grove: Minnesota's First Norwegian Settlement. Muller, Chad. 2002. (History)

Trinity Lutheran Church, Spring Grove, MN - 150th Anniversary 1855-2005. Trinity Lutheran Church. 2005. (History)

Family Maps of Houston County, Minnesota. Boyd, Gregory A. 2007. (Maps)

From Darkness to Daylight: How Tri-County Electric Cooperative Brought Power to Southeast Minnesota. McCarty, Jim. 2010. (History)

Spring Grove Alphabetical Telephone Directory. Spring Grove Communications. 2011. (Records)

United States > Minnesota > Polk

Bicentennial History of Polk County, Minnesota: Pioneers of the Valley. Polk County Historical Society. 1976. (Biography)

Cemeteries of Minnesota: Polk County, Vol 10. Red River Valley Genealogical Society. 1988. (Records)

Climax (Polk County, Minnesota) Centennial 1896-1996. Moen, Judy A. 1996. (Biography)

United States > New York

Emigrasjonsskipet Restauration. Andersen, Hans G. 2011. (Immigration/Emigration)

United States > North Dakota > Ramsey

Ramsey County, North Dakota, Vols. 1-2. Greenlees, Virginia. 1982. (History)

United States > North Dakota > Traill

Cemeteries of North Dakota: Traill County, Vol 5. Red River Valley Genealogical Society. 1988. (Records)

United States > Wisconsin

Norwegians in Wisconsin. Fapso, Richard J. 2001. (Norwegians in America)

United States > Wisconsin > Racine

A Chronicle of Old Muskego: The Diary of Søren Bache. Bache, Søren. 1951. (Personal History)

Norway > General

Between Rocks and Hard Places: Traditions, customs, and conditions in Norway during the 1800s, emigration from Norway, the immigrant community in America. Gesme, Ann Urness. 1993. (Norwegians in America)

Norway > Buskerud > Gol

Boka om Gol: Gards- og Ætte-soge, Vol 5. Østro, Terje. 1989. (Bygdebok)

Emigrants from Gol. Liahagen, Wigger. 2000. (Records)

Norway > Buskerud > Nes

Norske Gardsbruk, Vol. 7 - Buskerud Fylke 1. . 1948. (Bygdebok)

Gards- og Slekts-Historie for Nes Hallingdal, Vol 1 & Vol 3. Østro, Terje. 1979. (Bygdebok)

Sevre-Slekt, with index and corrections. Sevre, Sigmund. 1991. (Genealogical Report)

Emigrants from Nes og Flaa. Sevre, Sigmund. 2000. (Records)

Norway > Hedmark > Nes

Nes og Helgøya Utvandring. Nes Historielag. 2002. (Immigration/Emigration)

Nes (Hedmark) Bygdebok, Vol 2 & Vol 4. Kolstad, Gunhild. 2004. (Bygdebok)

Norway > Hedmark > Romerike

Nes, Romerike, Bygdebok, Vol 2. Hexeberg, Thor. 1961. (Bygdebok)

Norway > Hordaland > Voss

Historie om Udvandringen fra Voss, og Vossingerne I Amerika. Rene, Knut Arnesen. 1930. (Biography)

Vossaboki Vols. 1-4. Voss Bydgeboknemnd. 1938. (Bygdebok)

Norway > Sor-Trondelag > Selbu

Selbu I Fortid og Nåtid, Vol 7 & Maps. Haarstad, Kjell. 1972. (Bygdebok)

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